Guys & Dolls Musical Update: Week 2

This year’s musical is Guys and Dolls, a classic show about gamblers learning to fall in love. The opening number is named “Runyonland”, based on stories told by short-story writer Damon Runyon. Usually, the opening number would be performed live and on stage. This time, however, the opening number was filmed in front of a green screen and edited to look as if it was filmed in New York City. The main actors for this number are people with smaller roles, so they are given their well-deserved chance to shine. The plot of Guys and Dolls is set in the underbelly on New York City. Two gamblers, Nathan Detroit, engaged to Miss Adelaide for 14 years, and Sky Masterson, in town looking for action and known for his luck, happen to meet each other. Nathan is in search of $1000 to run his annual crapgame, so he places a bet with Masterson that he couldn’t take Missionary Sarah Brown to dinner in Havana. Sky and Sarah might as well have been from different planets, they were so different. But Sky knows how losing a bet could ruin his reputation, so he does everything in his power to take Sister Sarah out to dinner in Cuba. He ends up succeeding, and they both come back to NYC madly in love. In the meantime, Sarah needs a good amount of sinners to fill her mission so it will stay open. Sky makes a bet with all of his lowlife gambler friends that if he loses the game, he will give everyone $1000, but if he wins they all need to attend a prayer meeting at Sister Sarah’s mission. Sky wins! The nasty gamblers hate their experience, but go to the mission anyway. Guys and Dolls is quite the popular musical, and is loved by many worldwide.

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Caroline Quinones