Guys & Dolls Musical Update: Week 1

This year’s spring musical is the worldwide classic, Guys and Dolls. The cast of this production is still hard at work to finish blocking and rehearsing the play. Charlotte Dekle, who plays the part of Agatha, responds to an interview. “I love the musical! I really appreciate how hard the directors are working to produce this show. I would change the amount of people accepted to the cast of the musical.” Dekle enjoys musicals and loves being on stage. Shaylee Yoon was also interviewed. “In my opinion, the musical is a great learning experience,” says Yoon. “I love it so much, and it really makes me happy. I wouldn’t change anything about it.” Many people feel this way about the musical. There are two casts in the musical, the Strudel and Cheesecake. The crew is also hard at work making sure the show goes on. They are building sets and making costumes. Make sure to buy tickets!

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 9.37.16 AM.png

Caroline Quinones