Dance PE Showcase

The Dance PE class is a relatively new addition to SPMS, being introduced only last year. This year, the class is putting on a special performance for the first time. The theme for this show is Night at the Movies, and features songs from films such as A Star is Born, The Greatest Showman, and Mary Poppins. The dancers have been working on this show since January, and their hard work is paying off. In fact, a lot of the dances are student choreographed! They have come up with a total of 8 dances of all different styles and genres. While some students work on a hip hop dance, others are off choreographing a contemporary dance. There is something for everyone in this performance. The opening dance of Another Day of Sun from La La Land is very bright and happy, and consists of all of the students in the class. But then you’ll watch the Before I Cry, a modern piece from A Star is Born and the feeling is much more saddened and dark. Each dance is amazing in it’s own way and truly show the student’s raw talent. The performance will be on Thursday, May 16, and is by invitation only, each dancer will bring 4 people to watch this special show. Hopefully as the years go on, this will be an annual performance open to all to enjoy the beautiful dancing.


Isabella Shotwell

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