CAASPP Testing and Student Stress

In recent studies almost half of students reported feeling stressed on a daily basis. School work, grades, tests, extracurricular activities, and parental expectations can all contribute to teen stress and anxiety. Stress can also take a physical toll, causing headaches, stomach aches, and anger. This may all seem a bit extreme, but this is an accurate depiction of how many students feel as CAASPP testing approaches.

CAASPP testing is right around the corner, and student stress levels are rising. Is it the pressure to succeed, or the fact that the results are directly linked to placement for next year? Eighth grader Sivan Gilbert says that the testing is so stressful, because it “affects placement for 9th grade”. However Dana Sobeil is stressed for a different reason. She explains that “the math that we are tested on I learned a year ago in accelerated”. On average, student stress levels towards CAASPP testing at this school on a scale from 1-10 is 7. This is abnormally high seeing how the main purpose of CAASPP testing is to see how well schools are educating their students. All the pressure placed on students to succeed by both teachers and parents takes a toll on the students at this school.

After spring break students become thrust into a rigorous process of preparation. They are assigned practice tests and additional worksheets to help them review for what the actual test will entail. Although this preparation may be helpful, it also adds to the anticipation of taking the tests. If a student doesn’t do very well on a practice test or worksheet, it is easy for them to feel stressed that they will not be able to succeed on the actual CAASPP tests. All this preparation and anticipation is enough to raise the stress levels of any students at this school.

Student stress is a major problem that has been harassing students for a long time. Sometimes with important tests like the CAASPP tests, it is hard to deal with the stress and anxiety that is burdening students. In some ways there is no way to get rid of the stress that we have, and the only option is to face it head-on. Every year, this is what the students of this school do to get themselves through the stressful period of CAASPP testing.


Ellie Mendel