A Farming Robot!

What do STEM and Culinary Science have in common? At first, it might seem like not much. They’re both 8th grade electives, yes, but the classes are also currently collaborating on a fascinating project.

On Thursday, April 11th, Mr. Archer and a few of his students could be seen in the process of building what they call a “farmbot.” As Eliana Chow, one of the students on the project, describes, “We are currently building three farmbots (one for each planter). The goal of the farmbot is for it to be a robot that is designed to take care of the vegetables that you can grow from home.” She goes on describing the process of first installing the robot in the mini farm, to later code it to perform tasks as the students wish. “It’s very fun,” Eliana states enthusiastically.

According to Mr. Archer, the farmbot project is a fun way to intertwine the curriculums of Mrs. Bertolina’s culinary science class and his own STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) elective. While the STEM students are challenged with building and coding the bot, the culinary students cook with the vegetables that the farmbot grows.