Kindred: Book Review

Everyone knows the name of Octavia Butler. She pushed the racial boundaries of literature and explored the fragile topics of African American slavery in books. Ms. Butler was a science fiction author who wrote many books about countless topics. She is actually a local author who was born in Pasadena. Lately, I indulged into a book recommended by our school librarian. The book was called Kindred. The story followed a modern and newly married African American women named Dana. While Dana and her husband Kevin are settling into their new home in California, Dana begins to feel dizzy. Before she knows it, she is pulled back in time and across the country into a Southern plantation in the early 1800s. Dana returns to California after saving a young boy from drowning, but is continually pulled back for longer periods of time. Dana has to adapt to life in the times of slavery while trying to figure out how to end the pattern. I recommend Octavia Butler’s novel, a combination of science fiction and historical fiction, to people of all ages.

Caroline Haines